Ultima 5 (Image: Chord Electronics)
Ultima 5 (Image: Chord Electronics)

Mono-/stereo power amps and preamp

Chord presents „small“ Ultimas

After the mono power amplifier "Ultima", Chord extends the series with some more affordable models.

At the High End 2019, Chord Electronics had presented the "Ultima" (1400 watts into 4 ohms, almost 90 kg, 36,000 Euros). Now the British electronics specialist is launching two smaller mono and two stereo power amplifiers. Prices start at 7100 Euros for the Ultima 6 model with 2x350 watts (4 ohms), and go up to 21,900 Euros for the Ultima 2 with 1x1300 watts into 4 ohms. The matching "small" preamp is called Ultima Pre 2 and costs 15,900 Euros. It offers 4 pairs of XLR and 4 pairs of RCA inputs, all purely analog. The outputs are also available in XLR and Cinch. Two headphones can be connected via large jack.

Ultima 2 (Image: Chord Electronics)
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Ultima 2 rear (Image: Chord Electronics)
Ultima Pre (Image: Chord Electronics)

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