Fyne Audio F501 SP (Image Credit: Fyne Audio)
Fyne Audio F501 SP (Image Credit: Fyne Audio)

Made in Great Britain

New Floorstanding speaker: Fyne Audio F501 SP

Following the larger F502, Fyne Audio now reveals a higher quality "Special Production" version of the F501, built entirely in the UK.

The new Fyne Audio F501 SP is based on the F501. Several important spots and parts have been reworked, and the new loudspeaker comes with higher quality workmanship.

In addition to the optimized IsoFlare drivers, derived from the 700 series, and the magnesium dome tweeter, the F501 SP also features an improved cabinet design, an advanced crossover and connection panel with a grounding and a redesigned base with "BassTrax" sound routing. The drivers are wired internally with high-quality Van Den Hul cables.

The Fyne Audio F501 SP is available in black or white for around 3.500€* (MSRP) and in high-gloss walnut at a price of around 4.000€*(MSRP).

*Availability and Prices for Germany.

Fyne Audio F501 SP Color Variants
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Fyne Audio F501 SP Connections

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