Ortofon MC Verismo (Image Credit: Ortofon)
Ortofon MC Verismo (Image Credit: Ortofon)

New Member of the "Exclusives" Series

New High-End Cartridge Ortofon MC Verismo

By launching the new 6500-euro-high-end MC pickup Verismo, Ortofon further expands its "Exclusives" series.

As part of the Ortofon Exclusives series, the MC Verismo incorporates all fundamental elements of these cartridges. The enclosure is a continued further development of the design found in the MC A 90 and MC A 95 models and is also manufactured using the SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology developed by Ortofon. In this additive process, tiny titanium particles are layered one after the other and fused together by a laser. The cantilever is made of pure diamond and is firmly attached to the Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond.

The drive system of the MC Verismo is said to be particularly light and compact. It is based on a very powerful – but compact – neodymium magnet. This allows the use of a lightweight generator. The coils are made of Ortofon's "Aucurum" material, a low-oxygen and gold-coated 6NX copper, while the newly developed armature is made of a special metal alloy that is said to be less magnetic than iron. Inside the magnet is Ortofon's proprietary Field Stabilizing Element (FSE). It is said to enable a stable magnetic field that is independent of the armature's movements.

Ortofon's patented Wide Range Damping System (WRD) is supposed to be one of the most important parts in the new MC Verismo. In this system, a tiny disc of platinum is sandwiched between two rubber damping elements, each with different characteristics. The MC Verismo's suspension system also uses a newly developed rubber compound designed to further enhance the damping effect.

The assembly of all the components of the MC Verismo is meticulously done by hand. Even the tiny coils are wound by hand. The name Verismo is a tribute to the Italian opera style of the same name. This style was characterized by heightened realism and wide-ranging melodies. Among the most famous composers of this era is Giacomo Puccini.

In Germany, the Ortofon MC Verismo is available at a price of 6500 euros (MSRP).

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