Dynaudio Heritage Special (Image Credit: Dynaudio)
Dynaudio Heritage Special (Image Credit: Dynaudio)

Manufactured by hand in Skanderborg

New Limited Edition: Dynaudio Heritage Special

The new "Heritage Special" Limited Edition is reminiscent of some of the most legendary Dynaudio loudspeakers such as the "Crafft", "Contour" or "Special Twenty-Five". It is manufactured entirely in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Limited to 2,500 pairs worldwide, the loudspeaker is based on a 19 millimeter thick MDF cabinet with a veneer of sustainable American walnut wood. The interior of the cabinet is reinforced specially and covered with heavy bitumen to avoid unwanted resonances. The veneers (including the narrow strips around the baffle on the front) are precisely matched to each other and the appearance of each pair of speakers is supposed to fit together perfectly. Each cabinet goes through a total of three careful sanding and painting processes. In total, the construction of every cabinet, from start to finish, takes more than three days.

The front panel of the tweeter stems from the highly acclaimed Esotar T330D and has exactly the same appearance as in the "Crafft" loudspeakers. Behind this front panel, however, the cutting-edge reference tweeter Esotar3 is placed, which will be familiar to many from the current Confidence Series. According to the manufacturer, it is the most sophisticated and best tweeter Dynaudio has ever produced. It features a large rear chamber, a powerful and aerodynamic neodymium magnet system, the resonance-defeating Hexis Dome and the soft dome typical for Dynaudio.

The bass/midrange driver of the Heritage Special is a revised version of the bass driver found in the 64,500 Euro*-model Evidence Platinum. Based on the basic design of the Evidence Platinum woofer, the 18W75XL Heritage Special MSP incorporates several innovations and improvements. The aluminum voice coil is made of fiberglass and the magnet system is a combination of neodymium and ferrite magnets, which is supposed to ensure an absolutely controlled flow without unwanted secondary oscillations. In addition, the asymmetrical Nomex centering spider known from the "Contour i" or "Confidence" aims to provide perfect control over the woofer/midrange driver.

The crossover was developed in-house from the ground up. In design, it follows the classic filter-first-order topology and uses high-end components from the German manufacturer Mundorf (including Mcap Evo Oil capacitors) as well as other high-quality components selected by Dynaudio Labs. The crossover works with an internal impedance correction and, with its exemplary time response, is designed to ensure a seamless and smooth transition between the drivers. A CS12 from van den Hul was used for the internal wiring, while damping material from Sweden was employed in the interior. For the loudspeaker connections, Dynaudio chose WBT's 0710 Cu mC NextGen top-level terminals for the Heritage Special.

Each Heritage Special loudspeaker has an individual pair number stamped into the brushed aluminum back plate. Anyone who can call a Heritage Special their own can thus claim to have a piece of Dynaudio history.

The Heritage Special costs 6,000 Euros* per pair and is available at selected Dynaudio dealerships since November 19, 2020*. By registering at www.dynaudio.com, the warranty of the Heritage Special is extended to 10 years.

*Prices and Availability for Germany.

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Dynaudio Heritage Special

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