REL Carbon Special (Image Credit: REL)
REL Carbon Special (Image Credit: REL)

Special Edition

New Subwoofer from REL: Carbon Special

With the "Carbon Special" subwoofer, REL introduces a new special edition, which combines various new developments and technologies of the flagships in a more compact cabinet.

Amongst other things, REL's Carbon Special Special Edition uses the new BlackWidow 12" (350 mm) carbon fiber driver, which can achieve a remarkable stroke of 10 centimeters and is equipped with a much larger surround. This should enable it to cope even better with the high forces required for explosive dynamics. The passive driver, which is directed downwards, is supposed to also achieve a 50% larger stroke.

REL's proven 1,000 watt NextGen5 amplifier, which also works in the flagship "No.25", provides the necessary power. Everything is controlled by the specially developed CS PerfectFilter.

The design is completed with high-gloss metal and carbon fiber details.

Of course the Carbon Special can also be operated in REL-typical line array configuration, i.e. with several subwoofers stacked on top of each other. Using the in-house Airship technology, the Carbon Special can also be controlled wirelessly.

Measuring approximately 43 x 45.5 x 54 centimeters (WxHxD) and weighing almost 39 kilograms, the REL Carbon Special costs around 3,300 pounds in Great Britain, which equals about 3,600 Euros.



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