The new Series T/x from REL (Image Credit: REL)
The new Series T/x from REL (Image Credit: REL)

Upgrading the T-Series

REL Introduces new Subwoofer Series T/x

An upgraded version of the T Series, the new product line consists of the three active subwoofers T/9x, T/7x and T/5x, which are said to offer many of the benefits of the larger "S" Series at a more affordable price.

All three subwoofers of the new series "T/x" feature a Class A/B amplifier, as well as the integration of the optional wireless system "Arrow", available separately. In addition, they all have one high-level Neutrik Speakon, one low-level RCA, and one LFE RCA input each.

Both the flagship T/9x (output 300 watts) and the T/7x (200 watts) each have one active, front-firing driver, as well as a passive membrane that fires downward. In the largest model, the active FibreAlloyTM driver measures 254mm, in the T/7x 200mm, with the second measuring 200mm in both cases. The entry-level model T/5x (125 watts) has only one down-firing active driver, the same size and design as that of the T/7x.

All three models are available in "high-gloss black" and "high-gloss white" finishes. In Germany, REL's three new subwoofers are listed at a price of €1,499 (T/9x), €1,149 (T/7x) and €799 (T/5x).

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Der REL T/9x vor vorne mit dem T/7x von hinten
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Connections of the REL T/7x
The REL T/5x from below

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