bFly Octopus (Image Credit: bFly-Audio)
bFly Octopus (Image Credit: bFly-Audio)

With Modular Construction

"Octopus" Vinyl Record Weight and Clamp from bFly

bFly-audio developed a new universal solution for the stabilization of records: the Octopus – usable either as a clamp or weight.

The modular concept allows the customer to change and combine the function – either weight or clamp – as well as the shape of the knob and the color almost completely free. The weight varies depending on the material and starts at 220 grams.

On the underside of the Octopus, eight two-layer absorbers ensure that the record is stabilized and calmed. Here, half-spheres made of beech wood absorb the vibrations of the record and transmit them to the gel pads underneath, which are supposed to finally eliminate the vibrations.

The new bFly-audio Octopus are expected to be available in January* and their price will start at about 450 Euros*.

*Availability and Prices for Germany.

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bFly Octopus Underside with half-spheres made of Beech Wood
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bFly Octopus
bFly Octopus in use

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