Screenshot Qobuz-US-Website
Screenshot Qobuz-US-Website

Competition for Amazon HD

Qobuz USA: HiRes for 15 Dollars

In light of Amazon's new HiRes streaming subscription for 15 Euros per month, Qobuz is also lowering its price – for the time being just in the USA.

"Studio Premier" is the name of the new subscription model in the USA. It is currently offered at the "special price" of 15 dollars a month and is valid for the first 100,000 subscriptions and only until the end of January 2020. Qobuz does not yet talk about the regular price after that. For the USA, Qobuz has entirely cancelled the MP3 and the CD quality subscriptions. There are now only "Studio Premier" and "Sublime+" ($250 per year). Both models offer the complete Qobuz streaming catalogue in Lossless quality and over 200,000 albums in HiRes. Sublime+ also offers discounts for downloads. "Studio Premier" corresponds to the Qobuz Studio subscription, which currently costs 25 euros a month in Germany. As Qobuz informs us upon request, the European countries are still in negotiations with the rights owners. The aim is to align the subscriptions as quickly as possible. It seems to be quite possible that Qobuz enters into price war with "Amazon Music HD" - as David against Goliath.

Screenshot Qobuz-US-Website
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