Gold 200 (Image: Monitor Audio)
Gold 200 (Image: Monitor Audio)

Floorstanding Speakers Gold 200 and 300

Reduced Prices at Monitor Audio

The British loudspeaker manufacturer has reduced the prices for the two floorstanding loudspeakers of the Gold Series by up to 13 percent.

From now on the Gold 200 will cost only 4000 Euro per pair instead of 4250 Euro. The price reduction for the Gold 300 is even more drastic: from previously 5750 per pair to now 5000 Euros – that is a saving of about 13 percent. The new pricing has nothing to do with the Brexit or the exchange rate of the pound sterling. Rather the great demand for these loudspeakers and the correspondingly high quantities have led to purchasing advantages with the suppliers, which Monitor Audio now passes on to its customers on a permanent basis.


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