Bronze Series, 6. Generation (Images: Monitor Audio)
Bronze Series, 6. Generation (Images: Monitor Audio)

Now with Dolby Atmos Speakers

Monitor Audio Bronze, the sixth

The new loudspeaker family will be available between May and June at prices from 365 Euros per pair.

Now in its sixth generation, Monitor Audio has not only reworked the design of the "Bronze" series, but also fine-tuned the technology. A new feature is the sound guide on the tweeter, which is designed to connect it seamlessly to the mid-range. In the bass/midrange speakers, Monitor Audio has changed the shape of the diaphragm and enlarged the voice coils, allowing them to withstand higher levels. The baffle now stands out from the rest of the surface. In its sixth generation the Bronze Series consists of the two compact speakers 50 and 100 (price per pair 365 and 455 Euro respectively), the two floorstanding speakers 200 and 500 (775 and 1095 Euro/pair), a centre (260 Euro), a dipole (425 Euro), a subwoofer (675 Euro) and the new Dolby Atmos attachment (425 Euro/pair), which is an ideal match for the Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 models.

Bronze Series Atmos Speaker
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Bronze Series Color Option

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