The first microphone: the MD 2 (Images: Sennheiser)
The first microphone: the MD 2 (Images: Sennheiser)

Special Anniversary Offers

Sennheiser Celebrates 75th Birthday

To celebrate their anniversary, Sennheiser is goint to continuosly surprise customers with new discount campaigns, competitions and special editions until the end of this year. To get started, they offer a bundle of headphone and headphone amplifier at a 25% discount.

In 1945, Fritz Sennheiser founded a company in a farm near Hanover that would be called a start-up today. He called it "Laboratory W", and it was there that he initially developed and built measuring instruments. In 1947, he presented the first of his self-developed microphones: the "MD 2". In 1966, the company, which had since been renamed "Sennheiser electronic", made its breakthrough into the consumer market with the first open headphones, the HD 414. In 1991, Sennheiser was successful in the high-end community with the "Orpheus" electrostatic headphones, complete with tube power supply. Today, the company is still a family business run jointly by the two grandsons of the founder, Dr. Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser. In addition to consumer products, Sennheiser still has a strong foothold in the professional sector, not least through the acquisition of Georg Neumann and Klein+Hummel. More information about the company and the anniversary offers can be found at The current discount offer, which is valid from 1 March to 30 June, is a package consisting of the closed dynamic headphones HD 820 and the digital headphone amplifier HDV 820 at a special price of 3600 euros instead of the regular 4800 euros – available from Sennheiser stores and the Sennheiser online shop.

Labor WKL; Fritz Sennheiser with the  Audio Engineering Society's gold medal; Dr. Andreas und Daniel Sennheiser
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Sennheiser-milestones: MD 421 mircophone, HD 414 headphone , Orpheus headphone set , HD 800 headphone

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