Ac2uated Sound and Ambeo in action (Image: Continental/Sennheiser)
Ac2uated Sound and Ambeo in action (Image: Continental/Sennheiser)

Sennheiser & Continental at CES

3D Audio in the Car – without Speakers

The two Hanover-based companies Sennheiser and Continental are jointly breaking new ground in the field of automotive sound.

"Ambeo Mobility" is the name of Sennheiser's technology for generating 3D sound in cars from conventional stereo sources. At the CES in Las Vegas, the audio specialist is presenting the combination of Ambeo and Continental's "Ac2uated Sound" technology together with automotive supplier Continental. The sound is not produced by loudspeaker membranes, but by so-called actuators that cause parts of the vehicle interior such as the A-pillar trim, door panels, roof lining and rear shelf to vibrate. According to Continental, this reduces weight and installation space by up to 90 percent compared to conventional systems, which is particularly important with regard to electric cars.


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