The Line Magnetic LM-32DAC (Image Credit: Line Magnetic)
The Line Magnetic LM-32DAC (Image Credit: Line Magnetic)

With switchable output stage

Tube DAC LM-32DAC from Line Magnetic

Line Magnetic presents the new LM-32DAC, which adds a tube D/A converter to the product range of the Chinese manufacturer. Thanks to various inputs as well as an output stage that is switchable between tubes and transistors, it wants to especially score with its flexibility.

Line Magnetic's new LM-32DAC combines an ESS9028Pro Sabre chip with analog technology. The DAC chip is equipped with Hyperstream technology, precise clocking and a resolution of up to 32 bits. For supplying it with music, the DAC has an AES-EBU input in XLR, as well as one S/PDIF input each in coaxial, BNC and optical. All inputs support sampling rates of up to 192 kHz at 32 bits – the additional USB 2.0 port is said to allow up to 384 kHz as well as DSD 256. The three buttons on the front can be used to select all sources, which are shown on the display along with the digital resolution.

The Line Magnetic LM-32DAC also allows you to choose whether the output stage is driven by two 12AU7 tubes or transistor technology. Both options use either unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR jacks as their output.

To give the circuit the best possible conditions, Line Magnetic uses two separate power supplies for the digital and analog sections. The digital section is powered by an RL transformer with high-precision transistor rectification, while the analog circuits are fed by a toroidal model with high current delivery capability.

In Germany, Line Magnetic's new LM-32DAC is available immediately from retailers at a price of approximately 2,500 euros.

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