Cayin CS-150 A (Image Cradits: Cayin)
Cayin CS-150 A (Image Cradits: Cayin)

2x100 Watt

Cayin CS-150A Integrated Tube Amp

Numerous parameters of the amplifier's circuitry can be adjusted.

According to the data sheet, the CS-150A delivers 2 x 100 watts in ultra-linear mode, and in triode mode it still delivers 2x55 watts – a remarkable amount for a tube amp. With another toggle switch the operating point can be changed from "Bias Standard" to "Bias High", while a third switch changes from weak to strong negative feedback. The input and driver stage as well as the output stage (4 x Tung-Sol KT150 or alternatively 4 x KT120) and the rectifier in the power supply are equipped with tubes. A toroidal transformer is responsible for the power supply, and the output transformers were wound and selected in pairs especially for the requirements of this amplifier. High level sources can be connected via one pair of XLR and three pairs of RCA sockets, and the last selected input is automatically reactivated after switching on the mains supply. Complete with metal remote control, the Cayin CS-150A in black or silver - with six-layer lacquer finish - costs 5400 Euros.

Three toggle switches change the parameters of the amplifier circuitry
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Tubes of type 6SN7 from Russia are used in the pre- and power stage

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