WRouter (Image: Waversa)
WRouter (Image: Waversa)

News from South Korea

Waversa WRouter for 5250 Euro

Router goes High End: with the WRouter, Waversa from South Korea presents an audiophile model with proprietary transmission protocol – additional to a wide range of streamers and amplifiers.

In price as in technology, Waversa is surprisingly broad in scope: The amplifier technology ranges from Class D with a proprietary and patented technology to tube preamps and power amplifiers. A compact digital amplifier is available from 1750 Euros, but there is also a mono tube power amplifier for 21.000 Euros. For streamers, prices start at 800 Euros for a streaming bridge and go up to almost 20,000 Euros for a streamer with D/A converter and tube output stage. For network routers, thereis nothing belowr 5250 Euros. in addition to WLAN and 3 normal LAN ports, the "WRouter" offers 4 special audio-optimized LAN ports that are free of high-frequency noise from the network environment. A streamer with CD player and FM tuner is available for 7500 Euros and a Roon server for 7250 Euros.

WRouter rear (Image: Waversa)
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Roon-Server WCore 2.0 (Image: Waversa)
Roon-Server WCore 2.0 rear (Image: Waversa)

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