Bonn N8 (Picture: Thunder Data)
Bonn N8 (Picture: Thunder Data)

Silent Angel Bonn N8

Audiophile network switch

The network industry has turned a blind eye to high-end audio. Now, some manufacturers are discovering the possibilities of this segment and start making products with much higher quality and at a higher price point.

Thunder Data, for example, now offers an 8x Ethernet switch under its "Silent Angel" brand for a proud 400 euros. It is called "Bonn N8" and works with temperature-compensated quartz oscillators (TCXOs), which it manufactures according to its own specifications. Their accuracy is much higher than that of standard crystal oscillators or off-the-shelf TCXOs. In addition, electronic noise reduction circuits reduce noise signals in power supply and clock generation. Shields on the inside of the housing protect against electromagnetic interference from outside. All these measures are intended to achieve an audible improvement in audio reproduction via streaming services or from a NAS in the home network. The Bonn N8 works without fans and therefore noiselessly, and it consumes less than 0.1 Watt in idle mode. Of course, such a switch is only needed if you want to connect a large number of devices to your home network. Otherwise, the 4 ports from Fritzbox & Co should be sufficient.

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