Triangle Sensa SN 03A

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Triangle Sensa SN 03A Review

From Triangle in France comes a sympathetically affordable and very thought-through approach.

Liberté, Égalité, Activité

The compact Sensa is vaguely based on the smallest Elara of the house, at least the tweeter configuration and size are similar. The technical approach is impressively simple and good, because only one of the two speakers contains the entire active electronics, the second is purely passive and therefore only needs a loudspeaker cable to be controlled by its activated sister. The Sensa SN03A even has a phono input in addition to Bluetooth. In this test field, phono is a serious unique selling point. It also means that a turntable with an MM system is all you need for an entire Hi-Fi system. Of course, it can also be operated via Cinch as a conventional active speaker and the source can, but does not have to, be a turntable. Other sources (Aux) are possible via mini jack or Toslink (digital). For source selection and volume control, you can choose between the supplied remote control or the respective buttons as well as the rotating knob on the back of the active speaker, which unfortunately doesn’t have a stop. Here it does matter whether you position it to the right or left. Triangle assumes that the active part of the team, marked with a front LED, will be playing on the left.


Pragmatic, practical, great
The French have deliberately avoided network functions that go beyond the useful Bluetooth, as this was the only way to realize the almost unbelievably low price of 450 Euro. Matching stands cost around 160 euros.

For the money you get a set of active- and passive speaker including remote control and integrated phono MM preamplifier as well as Bluetooth. That's quite a lot, especially since the Triangle sounds extremely pleasant, musically appealing and much bigger than it looks. A real bargain and almost ideal for a hi-fi entry into the active world – well above the often terrible PC cubes or speakers to-go. Price tip! ■

A cheaper option

With the cheapest active solution in the test field, only one loudspeaker is electronically (and wirelessly via BT) active and also powers the other.


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