Now with massive silver base plate: Auralic Altair G1.1 (Image Credit: Auralic)
Now with massive silver base plate: Auralic Altair G1.1 (Image Credit: Auralic)

New Features in G1.1 Series

Auralic Updates Altair and Aries

With the upgrade to version G1.1, the Altair and Aries streaming devices from digital specialist Auralic get some new features as well as improvements.

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At first glance, both new G1.1 models feature the new, massive base plate, which was already used in the G2.1 series and is supposed to improve the sound with its vibration-damping properties.

Inside the streaming transport Aries G1.1, an optional kit has enabled the installation of an internal hard drive in the new version. Its DAC-equipped sibling, Altair G1.1, uses an improved femto clock and a more powerful headphone amplifier which is said to provide increased compatibility with "hungrier" headphones.

The wide range of supported music services and streaming sources is now also further complemented, as AirPlay 2 has been added.

The Aries G1.1 and Altair G1.1 are said to be available soon in Germany at a recommended retail price of around 3000 euros each.


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