SA 8.3 and MA 8.3 (Image: AVM)
SA 8.3 and MA 8.3 (Image: AVM)

New Mono- and Stereo-Flagships

AVM 8.3 power amps – now with tubes

In generation 8.3, AVM has equipped its power amplifier flagships with tubes in the input stage.

However, the power stages still work with MOS-FETs, and in the case of the 40 kilo Ovation MA 8.3 mono version they deliver an impressive 600 watts.  A pair of these costs 29,900 euros. AVM offers the stereo version Ovation SA 8.3 for 14,900 Euro. The illuminated interior of the amplifiers is visible through the large glass lid. As always, both power amplifiers are available in silver or black and for an extra charge with solid, hand polished chrome front.


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