Purist High-End

Gryphon "Essence" pre- & power amplifiers

At the beginning of next year a new high-end amplifier combination will come from Denmark: "Essence" from Gryphon.

The preamp (15.230 Euro) is in its basic configuration a pure analog high level amplifier with 2 pairs of XLR and 3 pairs of Cinch inputs, which can optionally be equipped with either a Phono-MM/MC module or a DAC module, even retroactively. In addition to S/PDIF ports in various formats, a PC can also be connected via USB (PCM up to 384 kHz, DSD up to 22.4 MHz). The puristic developers have omitted sound and balance controls, on the other hand various settings such as input sensitivities, input names, etc. can be set via menu. Gryphon swears by Class A circuitry, but offers the possibility of changing the operating point of the power amplifiers via the "Green Bias" connection depending on the position of the volume control of the preamplifier in order to keep power consumption within limits. The Essence power amplifier is available as a stereo version or as a monoblock and is specified with 100 watts output power per channel at 4 ohms, whereby Gryphon dispenses with over-all feedback. A 1350 VA toroidal transformer supplies the power amplifiers, and separate transformers are responsible for the driver stages as well as for the control and display of the power amplifier. In the stereo version, the Essence power amplifier costs almost 20,000 euros, for two monoblocks twice that amount is due.


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