Pro-Ject X8 and Pro-Ject Phono Box DS3 B
(Image Credit: Pro-Ject)
Pro-Ject X8 and Pro-Ject Phono Box DS3 B (Image Credit: Pro-Ject)

„Balanced Vinyl for Everyone!“

Balanced News from Pro-Ject

Following the motto "balanced vinyl for everyone!", the turntable and electronics manufacturer Pro-Ject wants to push balanced signal transmission forward and thus introduces the new turntable Pro-Ject X8 and the two phono preamps Pro-Ject S3 B and DS3 B.

Pro-Ject wants to make the sonic advantages of balanced signal transmission more widely used as this technology is somewhat rarely found in the phono section.

The new Pro-Ject X8 is said to come at a moderate price while still combining the advantages of subchassis- and mass-load-drive-concepts. The platter weighs 5.1 kg and is additionally damped as well as precision-machined from a single piece of aluminum to ensure high running smoothness.

According to the manufacturer, the platter bearing combines precise guidance on a ceramic bearing ball and ceramic tipped bearing with magnetic support. The high-quality Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution tonearm on it features a carbon fiber rod and headshell. Instead of magnetic feet, TPE dampers are said to guarantee optimal decoupling from the base. The 5-pin connector jack is ready for fully balanced output using a separately available XLR cable. With its "True Balanced Connection", the Pro-Ject X8 is said to become the perfect partner for phono stages with fully balanced inputs, such as the also new Phono Box DS3 B from Pro-Ject.

New Phono Box from Pro-Ject

Pro-Ject's new Phono Box features a dual-mono design with balanced XLR outputs, and is thus a fully balanced phono preamp. The front panel offers extensive adjustment options for different pickups. Two turntables – or cartridges – can be connected simultaneously and adjusted with gain factors between +40dB and +65dB.

In addition, the DS series phono box from Pro-Ject is said to offer features that are rare even in more expensive devices: inputs and outputs are equipped with balanced XLR jacks, and the input impedance comes with a stepless adjustment. It has a discrete design and does not require any operational amplifiers. The cabinet is a steel chassis with aluminum panels, which aim to suppress interference. Magnetically adherent wooden side panels are available separately.

The new Pro-Ject X8, Phono Box S3 B and Phono Box DS3 B are available immediately*. The Pro-Ject X8 drive costs just under €2,000*, in a bundle with the Ortofon MC Quintet Blue €2,230* (available in high gloss white, high gloss black or real wood walnut). The two phono boxes are priced at €400* (Pro-Ject Phono Box S3 B in black or silver) and €600* (in black or silver, side panels sold separately), respectively.

*Availability, offers and prices for Germany.


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