TD 402 DD auf der Absorberplatte (Bild: Thorens)
TD 402 DD auf der Absorberplatte (Bild: Thorens)

New Accessories

Base and leather mat from Thorens

To decouple the record player from the ground, Thorens launches the absorber plate TAB1600 in December.

It consists of a combination of an MDF base board and a layer of acoustic foam. The base plate is additionally damped by a fabric covering. TAB1600 is 45 cm wide and 38 cm deep, weighs 2.5 kilos and costs 170 euros. Another Thorens innovation is the leather mat, which is available from December for 70 euros in black or brown.

Absorbing base TAB 1600 (Image: Thorens)
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TD 1601 with leather mat (Image: Thorens)

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