Thorens TD 103 A (Image Credit: Thorens)
Thorens TD 103 A (Image Credit: Thorens)

Successor to TD 240-2

New Automatic Turntable: Thorens TD 103 A

Thorens presents the completely redesigned, fully automatic turntable TD 103 A which will replace the successful TD 240-2.

The Thorens TD 103 A was developed especially for more demanding music lovers who do not want to do without the comfort of a fully automatic record player.

In order not to influence the tracing process, Thorens strived for the lowest possible friction of the mechanical components.

TD 103 A uses the proven TP 19-2 tonearm. The bearing clearance and the coefficient of friction have been considerably reduced compared to its predecessor by using higher quality bearings and the tonearm cables have been upgraded by a better design.

The now removable headshell is equipped with a 2M Red from the Danish pickup specialist Ortofon. In addition, a high-quality RCA cable is included in the scope of delivery, which is connected to the new TD 103 A terminal with gold-plated RCA sockets.

The new Thorens will be available in "black high-gloss" and "walnut high-gloss" finishes for around 1,000 Euros*.

*Price for Germany

Thorens TD 103 A
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Thorens TD 103 A Connections
Thorens TD 103 A with dust cover

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