The new Thorens Turntables TD 403 DD and TD 1500 (Image Credit: Thorens)
The new Thorens Turntables TD 403 DD and TD 1500 (Image Credit: Thorens)

With new Tonearm TP 150

Two new Turntables from Thorens

As an updated version of the TD 150, Thorens introduces the turntable TD 1500. Just like the also new TD 403 DD, this comes with the newly developed Thorens TP 150 tonearm and a cartridge from Ortofon.

Among other things, both new turntables from Thorens are characterized by the new TP 150 tonearm; which is similar to the TP 124 used in the Thorens TD 124 DD (read our review here). The TP 150 is adjustable in height and azimuth, has an effective mass of 14 grams according to Thorens and also offers adjustment options for antiskating – via a sliding weight in the base – and tracking force via counterweight. It is supposed to be able to work with pickups of a weight between six and 30 grams.

The new Thorens TD 1500 is, like its predecessor TD 150, a completely manual turntable. It has a sub-chassis that is supposed to decouple the platter and tonearm board from the motor and frame with the help of three conical springs. With the goal of making alignment easier, these springs are adjustable from above without having to remove the platter, via holes in the platter. The platter weighs 1.4 kilograms, is 22 millimeters thick, and is made of cast aluminum with a ground edge. Its bearing has a Delrin bearing mirror, which aims to ensure smooth operation. Furthermore, an incremental encoder electronically monitors the speed of the DC motor, and is supposed to correct any deviations. In addition to RCA jacks, the TD 1500 has outputs in XLR for balanced operation with matching MC cartridges. The TD 1500 has an Ortofon 2M bronze cartridge installed as standard, which has a Fine Line cut nude diamond and is pre-adjusted.

Thorens' TD 403 DD, also newly introduced, extends the 400 series as a plug-and-play device, and has the same drive as the TD 402 DD. Unlike the latter, the new one has, among other things, a more solid cast-aluminum platter that weighs 1.4 kilograms and is 22 millimeters thick. The TD 403 DD comes with a standard, pre-adjusted 2M Blue cartridge from Ortofon, which features an elliptical, nude diamond.

Both of Thorens' new turntables are expected to be available in December 2021*, in the finishes high-gloss walnut and high-gloss black; in addition to the phono cartridge and new tonearm, both will also come with a dust cover and RCA cable*. The Thorens TD 1500 (including Ortofon 2M Bronze) is said to cost around €2000*, the Thorens TD 403 DD (including Ortofon 2M Blue) around €1400*.

*Availability and prices for Germany.

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The new Tonearm TP 150 on the TD 403 DD from Thorens
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The rear of the new TD 1500 from Thoren

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