The new Heeskof Rosie MK II (Image Credit: Heeskof Audio)
The new Heeskof Rosie MK II (Image Credit: Heeskof Audio)

Improved internal electronics and new bass reflex design

Bookshelf Speakers Rosie MK II from Heeskof Audio

The family-owned Czech speaker manufacturer Heeskof Audio updated its "Rosie" speakers to the MK II version, which includes many components from renowned European manufacturers, and aims to provide a particularly detailed sound.

The Rosie MK II speakers feature a Scan Speak ring tweeter and an SB Acoustics paper midrange driver/woofer, which according to Heeskof fit excellently together and offer a lot of detail. These are supported by a bass reflex port on the front baffle. The resistors and foil capacitors inside are also said to be of high quality, coming from Jantzen Audio and ClarityCaps; the inner wiring was realized with high-purity copper cables from Supra Cables.

Inside the speakers, various measurements for improved damping are also to be found. Lastly, the Rosie MK II also features a custom-made crossover with a double-thickness copper layer. This is supposed to make the signal pass through it as smooth as possible, without putting strain on the connected amplifier.

Speakers from Heeskof Audio are made-to-order; thus, color is said to be entirely the customers choice, including real-wood veneers.

The Rosie MK II speakers in their normal form (without stands) are available for a pair-price of €1190 from the manufacturer's website, with free shipping to most EU member states. Heeskof Audio also offers a 2-year warranty, a 20-day money-back guarantee, as well as more custom finishes upon request.


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