Canton Smart GLE 3 and Smart GLE 5 (image credit: Canton)
Canton Smart GLE 3 and Smart GLE 5 (image credit: Canton)

Affordable Wireless Speakers

Canton's new Smart GLE 3 and GLE 5

The specialist from Germany is expanding its wireless series to include a compact two-way speaker, a centre and a sound deck with the Canton Smart GLE 3, Smart GLE 5 and Smart Sounddeck 100.

In addition to the recently introduced Smart GLE 9 floorstanding loudspeaker, the shelf speaker GLE 3 will be available in May at a pair price of 1250 euros. Together with the new Center GLE 5 (800 Euro), this makes for an affordable yet fully-fledged home cinema set. If you prefer a more compact set, there is the new Smart Sounddeck 100 for 950 Euro, which is placed under the TV and supports the multi-channel sound formats Dolby Atmos and DTS HD. All loudspeakers in the Canton Smart series can be combined as desired in one room or distributed throughout the house. Thus, a wireless home cinema or stereo system can be set up in single room mode and/or a multi-room system in several rooms. The new models can be ordered from the Canton Online Store from May either in black or white.

Smart GLE 3 in white
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Smart GLE 3 connections
Canton Smart Sounddeck 100

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