Canton GLE 496.2 AR (Image Credit: Canton)
Canton GLE 496.2 AR (Image Credit: Canton)

For 3D Home Theater Systems

Canton GLE 496.2 AR: Floorstanding Loudspeaker with Dolby Atmos

In the new 3 way floorstanding speakers GLE 496.2 AR, Canton integrates the Dolby Atmos technology directly into the speakers for the first time.

The Canton GLE 496.2 AR is the new reference product for 3D home theater sound in the GLE series. For the first time, Canton has integrated Dolby Atmos® technology directly into a passive floorstanding speaker: The additional speaker drivers on the top of the speakers radiate the sound towards the ceiling, from where it is reflected to the listening position.

Visually, the speakers stay close to the existing components of the GLE series and can thus be seamlessly integrated into a home theater system. The GLE 496.2 AR is available in black and white* and has a height of about 117 centimeters. The MSRP is 869 Euros per unit*.

*Availability and Prices for Germany.

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Canton GLE 496.2 AR Dolby Atmos Channel
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Canton GLE 496.2 AR Frontal View White/Black
Canton GLE 496.2 AR Connections White/Black

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