Various speakers of the new Canton GLE series (Image Credit: Canton)
Various speakers of the new Canton GLE series (Image Credit: Canton)

With Titanium Drivers and new Design

New GLE Series and Subwoofers from Canton

The new GLE series consists of four floorstanding speakers, a center speaker, two standmount speakers and three on-wall speakers. In addition, a Dolby Atmos speaker and the three new "Power Subs", which are supposed to fit perfectly to the GLE series, were also newly introduced.

The new GLE series is characterized, among other things, by the new titanium drivers for the midrange drivers and woofers. The woofers of the largest floorstanding models, GLE 90 and GLE 80, also feature "Double Cone" membranes. In addition, the speakers are presented in a new design with oval and magnetic fabric coverings and a modern cabinet design.

In addition to black and white, four models (GLE 90, GLE 50, GLE 20, GLE 10) are available in a "Makassar" finish. The gold-plated terminals offer connection for cables with a cross-sections of up to 10 mm². With this new series, Canton also wants to appeal to owners of a home theater. Dolby Atmos® can be integrated into such a setup with the floorstanding speaker GLE 90 AR or via the enhancement-model AR 4

In addition, Canton is also releasing three new subwoofers as the "Power Sub" series: the Power Sub 12, Power Sub 10 and Power Sub 8. In addition to the front-firing active drivers, these feature additional down-firing passive membranes and are said to harmonize perfectly with the new GLE series, but also support all other Hi-Fi speakers.

The Power Sub series uses a powerful drive including latest generation wave surround technology. Like the GLE series, the subwoofers are equipped with high-performance titanium woofers. The satin-finished subwoofer fronts, like those of the speakers, can be covered with similar magnetic grilles. The "SC Technology" is designed to protect the active subwoofers from any damage and ensure the lowest possible distortion, while the "Room Compensation Circuit", is designed to provide a clear and precise bass reproduction in any room.

In Germany, the new loudspeakers and subwoofers are available now at the following prices:
GLE 90 AR, Floorstanding Speaker with Dolby Atmos, €849 (Piece)
GLE 90, Floorstanding Speaker, €549 (Piece)
GLE 80, Floorstanding Speaker, €499 (Piece)
GLE 70, Floorstanding Speaker, €449 (Piece)
GLE 50, Center Speaker, €339 (Piece)
GLE 30, Standmount Speaker, €269 (Piece)
GLE 20, Standmount Speaker, €239 (Piece)
GLE 15, On-Wall Speaker, €329 (Piece)
GLE 10, On-Wall Speaker, €209 (Piece)
GLE 10 Pro, On-Wall Speaker, €239 (Piece)
AR 4, Dolby Atmos Speaker, €349 (Piece)
Power Sub 12 Active Subwoofer 12 Inch €779 (Piece)
Power Sub 10 Active Subwoofer 10 Inch €649 (Piece)
Power Sub 8 Active Subwooferr 8 Inch €539 (Piece)

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Canton GLE floorstanding speaker with AR 4 Dolby Atmos Module and covering
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Canton Power Sub 12
The Connections of the Canton Power Sub 12

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