MA 352 (Picture: McIntosh)
MA 352 (Picture: McIntosh)

MA 352

Hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh

A feast for the eyes of tube fans: McIntosh has placed the four tubes in the preamplifier of the new MA 352 integrated amp right at the front, even ahead of the typical blue pointer instruments.

The power amplifiers, on the other hand, work with transistors, and their output power is indicated as 2x 320 watts at 4 ohms in the data sheet, which is twice as much as the predecessor MA 252. McIntosh has completely dispensed with digital audio technology: inputs are available for two balanced XLR and three high-level cinch sources. An MM pickup can also be connected and its impedance adjusted. The USB-B port is for service purposes only. There are outputs for one pair of speakers, one headphone and one subwoofer. Compared to the predecessor, there are 5 new rotary knobs on the stainless steel front: here, the five-band equalizer is adjusted. In the USA, the new McIntosh will be launched in September – in the rest of the world afterwards. In Germany it will be available for close to 8500 Euro.

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