Elac Vela FS 408 (Image Credit: Elac)
Elac Vela FS 408 (Image Credit: Elac)

Expansion of the Vela Series

Elac Floorstander FS 408

Elac's new floorstander FS 408 comes with trapezoidal shape and is available in high-gloss black or white.

The Kiel-based manufacturer completes its Vela series: Like all models with the "8", the FS 408 is equipped with two 18 cm woofers, and Elac's "Jet5" Tweeter is responsible for the high frequency range. With its trapezoidal shape and bevelled top, the cabinet avoids parallel walls. It is slightly tilted backwards and stands on a solid base plate.

High-quality materials are also used on the inside: the crossover is wired with Van den Hul cables. The bi-wiring terminal allows tweeters and woofers to be controlled separately if required.

In November the Vela FS 408 will be available in black or white high-gloss paint at a unit price of 2590 Euro.

Jet5 tweeter and the two 18 cm woofers
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Trapezoidal Shape and Bi-Wiring-Terminal

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