Concentro S 507 (Image: ELAC)
Concentro S 507 (Image: ELAC)

Trapezoid with "high heels"

ELAC's new Concentro S 507 Floorstander

The Concentro S 507 is the newest member of Elac's Concentro series. While being less "curvy" than the other models, it still features lots of unusual angles.

Elac has consistently avoided the 90 degree angle: the fundamental shape of the Concentro S 507 is trapezoidal, with slopes on the bottom and top. To ensure the S 507 standing upright, the designer has given it "high heels", meaning it stands on raised feet at the back. The "stepX-JET" is another novelty: a concentric chassis consisting of the new "JET 5c" tweeter and a midrange driver with aluminum cone. With the interchangeable "Directivity Control Ring", the directional characteristic in the mid-range can be adapted to the individual conditions of the listening room. Three such aluminum rings are included upon delivery. The stepX-JET is supported by a bass-midrange speaker on the front. Four long-throw woofers arranged on the sides are responsible for the bass. The ported cabinet is a good 1.20 metres high and is available with a high-gloss black or white paint finish – now available for 5500 euros per unit.

The Concentro S 507's Coax-Chassis (Image: Elac)
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The Concentro S 507's "high heels" (Image: ELAC)

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