Elac Concentro S 509 and S 507 (Image Credit: Elac)
Elac Concentro S 509 and S 507 (Image Credit: Elac)

With "stepX-JET"-Driver

Elac expands Concentro series by adding S 509

Elac announces a new floorstanding loudspeaker with concentric tweeter/midrange driver: the Concentro S 509.

After the smaller S 507, Elac is now adding another floorstander to its high-end series with the characteristic concentric midrange/tweeter. The S 509 is about 10 centimetres higher and almost 6 kilograms heavier than the 507. Instead of the 507's 15-centimetre woofers, the S 509 uses four 18 cm drivers for low frequency reproduction. According to the manufacturer's specifications, the four-way loudspeaker's other features of are identical to that of the S 507.

Accordingly, the so-called "stepX-JET" driver which combines a Jet tweeter with an aluminum midrange driver in a concentric arrangement is also used here. This midrange driver takes over the frequencies from 400 to 2600 Hz. The interchangeable Directivity Control Ring (DCR) allows the directional characteristic of the midrange to be adjusted. The lower midrange from 120 Hz upwards is handled by another 18 cm driver on the front. The characteristic appearance of the two "small" Concentros serves not only optical purposes, but is supposed to also have sonic advantages by consistently avoiding right angles.

The Elac Concentro S 509 will be available from the end of June. In high-gloss black or white it will cost 16,000 Euros* per pair and in high-gloss walnut veneer 17,000 Euros* per pair.

*Prices for Germany

Elac Concentro S 509 and S 507
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Elac Concentro S 509 Cutout
Elac Concentro S 509 stepX-JET
Elac Concentro S 509 Bi-Wiring-Terminal

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