The KEF Ci260ES without and with cover (Image Credit: KEF)
The KEF Ci260ES without and with cover (Image Credit: KEF)

In-Wall and In-Ceiling

KEF Launches New Architectural Speakers Ci160ES

With the new architectural speaker, a square model is added to KEF's E Series. It is designed to deliver sound to entire rooms with its 160mm Uni-Q driver, and can be installed in both walls and ceilings.

KEF's signature 160mm Uni-Q driver is the central part of the Ci160ES. In this technology, the 16mm aluminum dome tweeter sits exactly in the acoustic center of the woofer/midrange driver. This single-point-source design is said to allow the speaker to reproduce a natural and detailed sound even outside of the acoustic sweet spot. Even if the speakers are not positioned perfectly, they are supposed to deliver an even sound to the entire room. Thanks to IP64 certification, the speaker is protected against dust and moisture, which aims to even allow placement in protected outdoor areas. The Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) and paintable magnetic covers are also said to ensure a discreet appearance for the Ci160ES.

In addition, the new in-wall speakers are said to be sonically compatible with other KEF products, making it possible to integrate them into KEF multi-room or home theater systems, for example.

In Germany, the new KEF Ci160ES in-wall speakers are said to be available from October 2021 at a price of around €160 per piece.


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