KEF Uni-Core Technology (Image Credit: KEF)
KEF Uni-Core Technology (Image Credit: KEF)

More bass in a smaller space

KEF presents their new "Uni-Core" Technology

With its patent-pending Uni-Core technology, KEF has developed an innovative design concept for subwoofers and loudspeakers that is intended to enable a powerful bass with a significantly smaller cabinet size.

Having just improved its LS50 Meta (Reviewed by us here) with the innovative and novel "Metamaterial Absorption Technology", KEF announces another new technology just shortly after: "To deliver deep and loud bass from a compact product is a big engineering challenge. The Uni-core is a breakthrough technology for KEF because it allows us to pack two drivers into a tighter space without compromising their performance." – as stated by Dr. Jack Oclee-Brown, KEF's head of research and development.

In the new Uni-Core structure, two force-cancelling drivers work through concentrically arranged, overlapping voice coils. Uni-Core also allows a single motor to drive both membranes. In doing so, the coils on each of them are of different sizes, allowing them to occupy the same space in the housing when moving backwards.

The space that is saved thus is supposed to allow the drivers to achieve far more excursion, resulting in more power and depth while needing far less space. KEF has already filed a patent application for its new Uni-Core technology.


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