KEF KC62 (Image Credit: KEF)
KEF KC62 (Image Credit: KEF)

With new "P-Flex" Driver Surround & "Smart Distortion Control"

KEF introduces "KC62": first Subwoofer with Uni-Core Technology

Besides the recently unveiled Uni-Core™ technology, KEF includes two further innovations in the KC62-Subwoofer. Both technologies are patent-pending, and are supposed to give the KC62 a deep and accurate bass reproduction despite its small size.

At the heart of the new KC62 subwoofer is KEF's Uni-Core™ technology, which we have already reported on here. In addition to that, however, two other new technologies are used in the KC62:

The P-Flex surround is a brand new, patent-pending driver surround. It is designed to withstand the acoustic pressure inside the cabinet without limiting sensitivity, as is the case with conventional surrounds. To achieve this, the surround is folded in a unique way inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding – leading to its nickname "Origami Surround." This is supposed to result in a deeper extension of the bass and more accurate, detailed bass response, as well as a reduction in distortion.

The Smart Distortion Control, also new and patent-pending, is said to help correct even the smallest anomalies as a sensorless motion feedback system. To do this, it measures the current in the voice coil and detects and corrects any non-linear distortion, which aims to result in a more accurate, less discolored bass performance.

The KC62's performance is refined by a selection of in-house developed DSP algorithms, such as iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) and SmartLimiter, which continuously analyzes the signal to avoid clipping. With the five preset "Room Placement Equalization" functions, the KC62 can be sonically adapted to the listening room. It should thus be able to work optimally in all possible environments, whether in an open space, on the wall, in a corner, embedded in a cabinet or with the help of the special apartment mode.

The line output with HPF is said to allow for a fine-tuned integration, while KEF's SmartConnect is supposed to eliminate any connectivity issues. The KC62 is also compatible with the KW1 adapter kit, allowing wireless connections.

The twin drivers are powered by a specially designed 2 x 500W Class D amplifier, which is also capable of delivering sudden power boosts when needed.

Measuring approximately 25 x 26 x 25 centimeters (H x W x D) and weighing 14 kilograms, the KEF KC62 is supposed to be available starting February 2021* at an MSRP of 1,500 Euros*.

*Availability and Prices for Germany.

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KEF Subwoofer KC62
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KEF Subwoofer KC62 in White and Black, from the Front and the Back.
KEF Subwoofer KC62 Anschlüsse und Einstellungen

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