Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine (Image Credit: Keith Monks)
Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine (Image Credit: Keith Monks)

Quiet and Sustainable for the 50th Anniversary

Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine

The new "Prodigy" record cleaning machine from Keith Monks is available after five months of beta testing and fine-tuning of production has been successfully completed. The manufacturer is thus also celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Jonathan Monks, the founder's son, already presented a prototype of the new Keith Monks Prodigy to us at the last High End.

The Prodigy combines all the classic features of Keith Monks machines in a sustainable and space-saving bamboo cabinet – at a much lower price. The new Prodigy is designed to be easy to operate and above all to be the quietest model from Keith Monks yet. Playing a record and enjoying it while cleaning another one should therefore not be a problem.

While previous KM machines used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record, Keith Monks is now launching the Prodigy, the world's first "threadless" point suction cleaner. The new system is designed to be simpler, easier and more effective.

The Prodigy is equipped with a multi-color lighting system to make the cleaning process also visually more attractive.

Keith Monks applies a cleaning method that is supposed to guarantee that no recontamination from previously used fluids happens. Washing both sides of a vinyl LP should take about five minutes. The Prodigy is also able to clean CDs, Blu-Ray discs or computer CDs and laser discs.

The Keith Monks Prodigy is available immediately at a price of around 895 Euros.

Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine
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Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine Accessories
Keith Monks Prodigy with multi-color lighting

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