PE 2020jubilee (Image Credit: Perpetuum Ebner)
PE 2020jubilee (Image Credit: Perpetuum Ebner)

Retro Special Edition

Perpetuum Ebner launches PE 2020jubilee

The new PE 2020jubilee is intended to visually bring to mind the former top model PE 2020 and is limited to 20 pieces.

The PE 2020 record changer, the flagship in the PE range between 1968 and 1972, was the model for the PE turntables of modern times. In the year 2020, PE is now releasing a record player based on the appearance of the original, the PE 2020jubilee!

Just like back then, it is available in white and walnut; limited to 20 pieces each, the subchassis turntable is based on the PE 1010. In comparison, it is equipped with a brushed 2.5mm thick stainless steel plate, the PE Tonearm TO 2017 completely in black and the MM cartridge 2M Bronze by Ortofon.

The PE 2020jubilee will be available this fall and comes at a price of 2,020 Euros*. It is completely made in Germany!

*Availability and price for Germany.

PE 2020jubilee Walnut
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PE 2020jubilee White

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