Levar Superior Black-Chrom & Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorber B&W Series 800 Line (Image Credit: MHW-Audio/Levar)
Levar Superior Black-Chrom & Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorber B&W Series 800 Line (Image Credit: MHW-Audio/Levar)

Levar Ultimate Carbon-Oil, Levar Superior & Levar Primor

Levar announces Tonearms and a Special Resonance Edition for B&W 800

For 2021, MHW-Audio announces three Levar tonearms in various designs and a special edition Levar Resonance Absorber for the "800" Series of speakers from B&W.

All three new Levar tonearms are "Made in Germany" and will soon be available in the sizes of 9, 10.5 and 12 inches. Customers can also choose between standard and SME-compatible versions. The three models are called "Levar Ultimate Carbon-Oil" (top model with oil damping and single-point bearing), "Levar Superior" (design like Ultimate Carbon-Oil, but without oil damping) and "Levar Primor" (entry-level model, 2-point bearing).

Levar's new "Resonance Magnetic Absorber B&W Series 800 Line" will also be available soon. This special model of the Levar Resonance series of damping feet is specially designed for use with the B&W 800D1, D2 and D3 models. The dampers are not height adjustable, as the height is set via the adjustable feet of the speaker. The original adjustable feet are placed in the specially shaped recess of the absorbers and are then firmly fixed in the upper recess and perfectly centered, i.e. free of tilting.

Prices and Availability (all for Germany):

Levar Ultimate Carbon-Oil: around €3.900
Levar Superior: around €2.900
Levar Primor: around €1.900

Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorber B&W Series 800 Line: around €990

The three new tonearms will be available from April/May onwards, the B&W absorbers starting at the end of March.


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