Luxman LMC-5 with Shibata Diamond
Luxman LMC-5 with Shibata Diamond

Luxman Expands Phono-Lineup

New MC-Cartridge Luxman LMC-5

After the PD-151 turntable and the phono preamps E-250 (transistor) and EQ-500 (tube), the Japanese company now introduces a fitting pickup.

With the new pickup, Luxman continues a tradition that began in the early 1980s with the cartridge systems LMC-1 and LMC-2. The LMC-5 has a red lacquered housing made of a solid aluminum block that is supposed to avoid resonances while only weighing 8.5 grams. The wire on the symmetrically wound "moving coils" is 30 micrometers thick. A diamond with a Shibata cut is used to scan the records.

In Germany, the new pickup is said to be available starting in June – for a price of 2,290 Euros. Luxman wrote a piece of phono history in 1980 with the PD-300 turntable and its VDS system (Vacuum Disc Stabilizer). The company celebrates its 95th anniversary this year.

The LMC-5 on a Luxman Headshell
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Red lacquered housing made from a solid block of Aluminum.

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