The new "High End Audio Design Loudspeakers" Cue-100 from Lyngdorf (Image Credit: Lyngdorf)
The new "High End Audio Design Loudspeakers" Cue-100 from Lyngdorf (Image Credit: Lyngdorf)

Cue-100, D-60 and CS-2

Lyngdorf Presents Three new Loudspeakers

Lyngdorf's three new loudspeakers are designed for completely different use cases: one standmount speaker, an in-wall speaker as well as an "in-cabinet" model.

All three of Lyngdorf's new loudspeakers are said to offer high performance in their field, led by the Cue-100 standmount speaker, named by the manufacturer as a "High End Audio Design Loudspeaker". At the same time, Lyngdorf is showing the D-60, an addition to its "Discreet" line of in-wall speakers, as well as the CS-2, a speaker designed for placement in cabinets, lowboards and other pieces of furniture.

Lyngdorf Cue-100

As a high-end loudspeaker, Lyngdorf's Cue-100 is said to combine high performance with elegant design – to aid in the latter, the speakers are available in two cabinet colors, three additional finishes, as well as with five different color options for the optional fabric covers from the Danish company Gabriel. To optimize the two-way speaker, Lyngdorf recommends using it in conjunction with one of their own amplifiers, as the Cue-100s can then benefit from their "RoomPerfectTM" room correction feature, even though they can be used with any amplifier.

As woofers, the new Cue-100 carry models of the also Danish company Purifi, which are stated to offer extremely low distortion, thanks to their "Neutral Surround Geometry" among other things. In addition, an Air Motion Transformer from Lyngdorf works as a tweeter in the speakers, which is also supposed to convince with clarity and high resolution.

Lyngdorf D-60

Lyngdorf furthermore also introduces the D-60 in-wall speaker, described as the speaker with the highest power handling, sensitivity, and possible sound pressure level of the "Discreet" series. As an architectural speaker, it is said to be particularly suitable for use in home theater and surround setups. According to Lyngdorf, it has a tweeter equipped with a stronger magnet and two particularly flat midrange drivers, and is thus intended for use with an additional, external woofer.

Lyngdorf CS-2

Following the CS-1 introduced in 2020, Lyngdorf now unveils the CS-2, another speaker built specifically for placement in furniture such as cabinets and lowboards. With a front-facing bass reflex port and angled tweeter, the CS-2 is said to be particularly suited to such placement conditions; its driver technology is also said to be based on the CS-1, and to deliver, among other things, an unexpectedly powerful bass. Compared to the CS-1, the new CS-2 is said to be less deep and therefore easier to position, with a depth of now 20cm.

Both the Cue-100 standmount speaker and the D-60 in-wall speaker from Lyngdorf are stated to be available from March 2023, the new CS-2 starting in April 2023.

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The new in-wall speaker D-60 by Lyngdorf
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The new CS-2 from Lyngdorf, built for the placement in furniture

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