Lyngdorf CS-1 (Image Credit: Lyngdorf Audio)
Lyngdorf CS-1 (Image Credit: Lyngdorf Audio)

Specially designed for Cabinets

Lyngdorf introduces new Compact Loudspeakers CS-1

Lyngdorf Audio presents the new CS-1, specially designed for placement in cabinets and TV furniture.

These new full-range loudspeakers are designed horizontally, so that they are supposed to fit perfectly into lowboards, sideboards, TV furniture and the like. The bass reflex port is forward facing, and the tweeter is angled and slightly raised. The latter is intended to reduce sound refractions at the edges inside the furniture and thus improve the audio reproduction.

The Lyngdorf CS-1 is based on the same midrange and tweeter concept as the earlier FR-1 two-way loudspeaker. According to the manufacturer, the new speakers play down to 42 Hz with their 6.5-inch aluminum midrange/bass drivers and powerful magnet. Accordingly, they aim to provide sufficient bass even without the support of a subwoofer.

The CS-1 consists of a solid MDF construction and is painted matt black, the surface is said to be durable and easy to clean. The speakers are supplied with self-adhesive rubber pads to avoid scratches on the furniture and absorb resonances. The CS-1 speakers are delivered without a cover.

The Lyngdorf CS-1 should be available from about the end of November/beginning of December*, and will cost around 535€* per unit.

*Availability and Price for Germany.

Lyngdorf CS-1
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Lyngdorf CS-1 Rear View

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