Vincent DAC-1 MK (Image Credit: Vincent)
Vincent DAC-1 MK (Image Credit: Vincent)

Successor to the DAC-1

New Converter from Vincent: DAC-1 MK

With the DAC-1 MK, Vincent brings a further improved version of its predecessor DAC-1, which now supports DSD via USB and can play back PCM signals with a maximum resolution of 32 bit / 384 kHz.

Via the optical and coaxial input, the DAC-1 MK accepts signals with a maximum resolution of 24 bit / 192 kHz.

The digital signal is internally converted by the ES9038 decoder and then processed fully balanced. To ensure best possible sound, only components of selected manufacturers, such as WIMA or Nichicon, are used in the analog section.

As with the DAC-7, a transformer with double winding in the power supply unit is used, one of which exclusively supplies the analog section and the other exclusively the digital section. Both areas are thus optimally supplied and interference is minimized. Among other factors, this is supposed to contribute to improved dynamics and allow almost loss-free reproduction of music.

The Vincent DAC-1 MK costs around 850 Euro.


Vincent DAC-1 MK Black
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Vincent DAC-1 MK Aluminum
Vincent DAC-1 MK Connections

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