Vincent SV-737 (Image Credit: Vincent)
Vincent SV-737 (Image Credit: Vincent)

WiFi and Bluetooth

Integrated Hybrid Amp Vincent SV-737

With the SV-737, Vincent launches a new and technically advanced hybrid amplifier with D/A converter, Bluetooth and WiFI.

The pre- and power amp sections of the Vincent SV-737 have both been newly developed. The preamplifier is based on the Vincent SA-T7 and uses two double triodes, which were manufactured according to military standards. 6N2P-EV models are being responsible for the voltage amplification and 6N1Ps for the driver and buffer stage. A further 85A2 tube serves as voltage reference and, together with the semiconductor regulator, is intended to provide a low-noise and virtually hum-free supply voltage. In addition, the output impedance of the preamplifier has once more been significantly reduced.

The output stage of the SV-737 is a further developed version of the power amplifier built into the SV-237MK. In particular, the circuitry of the input cascode has been improved to ensure even better transient response at complex loads. Furthermore, the output power has been increased to 2 x 180 watts into 8 and 2 x 300 watts into 4 ohms.

The two amplifier sections can also be separated, which makes it possible, for example, to loop in an external DSP for room correction.

Audio signals enter the amplifier via six analog RCA sockets, or via two optical and two coaxial digital inputs each. For wireless signal transmission, one antenna each for WiFi and Bluetooth is installed on the rear panel. There are also speaker terminals for two pairs of speakers as well as a record output and two 12V trigger connections.

The Vincent SV-737 hybrid amplifier, which weighs around 21 kilograms and is 16.5 centimetres high, is available immediately in black or silver and costs around 3,000 Euros.

Vincent SV-737 silver
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Vincent SV-737 black
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