Vincent PHO-300 and power supply (Image: Vincent)
Vincent PHO-300 and power supply (Image: Vincent)

Affordable with external power supply

Vincent PHO-300 Phono-Preamp

The two-part phono preamplifier for MM and MC systems costs only 300 Euro.

Vincent expand their "PowerLine" series with an inexpensive phono preamplifier. The PHO-300 is not powered by a plug-in power supply, but by an own shielded power supply unit in an aluminum case. It has the same dimensions as the actual amplifier: 11 cm wide and 6 cm high.  Both parts are available in black and silver. The manufacturer specifies 47 kOhm as input resistance for Phono MM and 100 Ohm for MC as well as 40 dB (MM) and 60 dB (MC) as gain.

Vincent PHO-300 and power supply, rear (Image: Vincent)
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