Vertere Techno Mat (Image Credit: Vertere)
Vertere Techno Mat (Image Credit: Vertere)

Turntable Mat with Strobe

Vertere "Techno Mat"

Vertere's new "Techno Mat" is meant to improve the playback quality of most turntables.

Vertere's Techno Mat is a two-layer design consisting of a fibrous top layer glued to a bottom cork/polymer layer. The top layer gives the record an almost air-cushion-like support. This air cushion keeps the properties of the vinyl record itself unchanged, while the bottom layer creates the necessary connection to the turntable in a very inert way. Both layers together should result in a record pad of high inertia.

The cork/polymer layer has stroboscopes embedded in it for speed adjustment at 50 and 60 Hz.

The Techno Mat is about 3mm thick, which makes a difference of 0.72° in the vertical tracking angle for a tonearm length of 240mm. According to the manufacturer, this alone can make an audible difference, but the additional three millimeters could also change the tracking force of many tonearms. Vertere therefore recommends checking all parameters after the installation of the mat.

There are two versions of the Techno Mat, which differ in the diameter of the central opening. One version has a diameter of 4.5 mm and is therefore perfectly suited for the Vertere models MG-1, SG-1 and RG-1. The other version uses a 7mm hole and therefore fits on all other turntables.

The Vertere Techno Mat is now available. The UVP of the manufacturer is 130 British Pounds or around 145 Euro.

Vertere Techno Mat
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Vertere Techno Mat

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