Revox Studiomaster T 700 (Image: Revox)
Revox Studiomaster T 700 (Image: Revox)

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Revox Studiomaster T700 Turntable

The signal is exclusively available via the built-in MC preamplifier.

It's been a long time since Revox built the last turntables. In the 1980s, the Swiss relied on a tangential pickup – now, with the Studiomaster T700, they use a classic radial tonearm made from carbon fibre. The pre-assembled MC pickup Ortofon Quintet Bronze delivers its tiny signal directly to the built-in preamplifier, which outputs it at line level. The input resistance and sensitivity of the amplifier can be adapted to other MC pickups. The electronic motor control unit uses an optical sensor to control the speed of the turntable and can even compensate for deviations caused by belt aging. Thanks to Soft Start, the motor starts slowly, which reduces belt wear. The tonearm lift is operated manually, but touch sensors are responsible for speed switching (33 and 45 rpm). Complete with acrylic hood, digital tonearm scale, record brush and level, the T700 costs 3450 Euros.

T 700 with MC cartridge (Image: Revox)
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Revoc T700 Acrylic Hood (Image: Revox)
T700 Antiskating (Image: Revox)
T700 Belt (Image: Revox)

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