Mystic (Image: Vertere)
Mystic (Image: Vertere)

Pickup for 2500 Euro

Vertere: MC cartridge „Mystic“

The British phono specialist expands its product range with the addition of a premium phono pickup.

Previously Vertere offered turntables, tonearms, phono preamps and cables – now, for the first time, a cartridge was added. They haven't reinvented the wheel, Vertere says, the "Mystic" is a combination of experience, common sense, science – and a little art. The extra-light coils made of virgin copper wire and the permanent magnet made of samarium cobalt are housed in a sapphire blue anodized aluminum alloy case. It is attached to the headshell with the enclosed stainless steel screws. An aluminum tube serves as the needle carrier, to which the diamond with a micro ellipse cut is attached. Vertere recommends a terminating resistor of 680 Ohm to 1.5 Kiloohm, a capacity of 220 to 470 picofarads and a contact force of 2 grams. The "Mystic" system is expected to be available in Europe – on the mainland – for 2500 euros in mid-December.

Mystic (Image: Vertere)
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Mystic: coils (Image: Vertere)
Mystic: enclosure and accessories (Image: Vertere)

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