CS 435-1 Noblesse (Image: Dual)
CS 435-1 Noblesse (Image: Dual)

Limited Edition

Dual with Makassar Veneer

The fully automatic turntables CS 435-1 and CS 455-1 are now available in the special edition "Noblesse".

At 6.6 kilos, the solid wood chassis of the Noblesse models weighs almost twice as much as that of the standard version, and it is real wood veneered in Makassar. Dual produces only 33 units of the special model CS 435-1 Noblesse. It comes complete with a pre-assembled Audio Technica AT-91 MM-cartridge and costs 630 Euros. The speed can be switched from 33 to 45 rpm. For friends of the shellac record, Dual also offers the CS 455-1 model in the limited edition "Noblesse" for 680 Euros. Here the speed can also be switched to 78 rpm. To play shellacs, all you have to do is change the stylus of the pre-assembled Ortofon OM 10 MM pickup.


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