PA 1100 E (Picture: T+A)
PA 1100 E (Picture: T+A)

PA 1100 E

T+A: integrated amp with DAC

The new PA 1100 E integrated amplifier is based on the purely analog PA 1000 E, but is additonally equipped with a DAC module.

Here, two coaxial and two optical S/PDIF sources as well as a PC can be connected via USB, processing resolutions up to 384 kHz for PCM and 11.2 MHz for DSD. The device can also receive Bluetooth signals with aptX. In addition to a standard FIR filter, the in-house Bezier oversampling filter is also available. The output power is specified as 2 x 250 watts at 4 ohms in the data sheet. The basic version of the PA 1100 E costs 3890 Euro - either in black or silver or with silver body and black side panels. Optionally it can be extended with a plug-in module for Phono MM (with 16 adjustable capacitances) or for Phono MC (with 16 adjustable impedances). If you want to connect a Blu-ray player or play the TV sound via the amplifier, you can also purchase a plug-inHDMI module.

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