Solitaire P (Image: T+A)
Solitaire P (Image: T+A)

Planar Magnetic

T+A Solitaire P: First ever Headphones

The German high-end manufacturer will launch its first headphones and a headphone amplifier in March.

It is simply called "Solitaire P", with the "P" standing for "Planar Magnetic". This type of drive, in which a plane diaphragm is excited over its entire surface, is becoming increasingly popular in high quality headphones. Externally, however, the Solitaire P has a rather traditional appearance, with oval cushions that completely enclose the ear. At the same time, T+A is also launching a matching headphone amplifier called Solitaire HA 200 in March, which offers three headphone outputs whose impedance can be matched precisely to the headphones used. Its output stages operate in Class-A, and a digital/analogue converter using T+A's proprietary "True 1 Bit" technology is also built in. It can handle resolutions of up to 32 Bit/768 kHz for PCM and DSD 1024 for Bitstream. Two separate power supplies with toroidal transformers supply digital and analogue modules. For the HA 200 T+A charges 6600 Euro and for the Solitaire P 4800 Euro.

Solitaire P (Image: T+A)
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Solitaire HA 200 (Image: T+A)

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